Dolphin Bubble Machine

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Want to give your kids a toy that leaves no mess and can be lasting fun? The Dolphin Bubble Machine guarantees endless bubbly days! 

Press one button and let the bubbles flow! 


Automatic bubble machine, colorful bubbles
Enjoyable music design, making leisure time become more interesting
● The design is more reasonable and convenient to use
● Free to play indoors and outdoors, very popular with children & pets
● One button automatic bubble generation
● Automatically rotate the impeller to make the foam more abundant
● Thick body, resistant to falling and more resistant to play
● One-piece sink design, seamless and leak-free

Size: L 15 cm x W 17 cm x D 18 cm.

Color: Blue. 

Material: Plastic.

Batteries required: 6 AA Batteries.

- Bubble solution not included.