Fly Fish Bait Sequined Tail

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This fake lure is the best option for catching fish and shrimps. It is designed like a flyfish bait with sequined tail that attracts the fishes and yeilds you more fishes and its very light weight of 20g

Category: Fake Lure
Type: Artificial Bait
Model Number: Fishing Lures 005
Category: Artificial Bait Fake Lures
Weight: 20g
Length: 5CM
Position: Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Rock Fshing,Lake,Reservoir Pond,Stream
Diving Depth: 1.5m-4m
Bait Shape: Fish
Material: Alloy
Target Fish: catfish, perch blackfish, grass carp and other fish
Function: Fishing Bait Fishing hooks, Fishing Lures, Bionic Simulation Lure, Crankbait, jerkbait minnow
Color: Gold,Silver