Spice Clips

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The Spice Clips are perfect for organizing your cabinet or pantry, allowing you to hang your spices up in a clean and space-saving fashion.  They stick anywhere and will save you tons of space while making your kitchen look organized and neat.  They work on almost any spice jar and will really change the way you store your spices.


Easy to Use: No Screws Or Tools Required To install a Spice Clips, all you’ll need to do is peel the adhesive off its back and then stick it to a flat surface. The only tools you’ll need are your two hands!


Easy To Remove Items: Once items are stored within Spice Clips, it’ll be easy for you to remove them when you need them. You’ll be able to pull them out of their clips with just your fingers.

  • Fits most standard spice jars.
  • Firm adhesive makes them stick anywhere.
  • Stronghold.
  • Great for organizing your pantry or cabinet.